ISIS research featured in special edition of Materials Today journal
17 Sep 2009



A special issue of the journal Materials Today devoted to research from ISIS has been published.


​A special issue of the journal Materials Today devoted to research from ISIS has been published in the July-August 2009 edition (Volume 12, Number 7-8). The edition contains comment articles from Lord Drayson and Dame Julia Higgins as well as news, reviews and insight articles.


 As well as reviews, insight articles and news, the edition also contains commentary from science minister Lord Paul Drayson on the value of facilities like ISIS to UK science and the economy

The special issue is bundled with the July-August 2009 edition (Volume 12, Number 7-8). Materials Today subscribers will have received the print edition, and content is available online through and Science Direct.

Writing about materials science and ISIS, Minister for Science and Innovation Lord Drayson says that it is clear that materials science in the UK has a strong case for ongoing investment and that the country is recognised internationally for the quality of its researchers and facilities.

"In the ISIS neutron source at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, we have an outstanding facility allowing scientists to pursue both fundamental research and applied projects," he writes. 

"Only by understanding materials - by probing deeper into their structures and functions - can we unlock their further potential to help address existing problems and develop new technologies. That is why we have invested nearly £145 million in the ISIS Second Target Station to explore soft matter and provide an additional tool for biologists and medical researchers."

Review articles include:

  • Review: Spintronics and functional materials
    C. H. Marrows, L. C. Chapon and S. Langridge
  • Review: High-tech composites to ancient metals
    S. Y. Zhang, E. Godfrey, W. Kockelmann, A. Paradowska et al.
  • Review: Soft matter at ISIS
    S. E. Rogers, A. E. Terry, M. J. Lawrence, J. Eastoe, et al.
  • Insight: Characterizing biomaterial complexity
    L. A. Clifton, C. Neylon, A. E. Terry, I. C. Dicko and I. A. Diddens
  • Insight: Mapping atomic motions in materials
    T. Perring