Ines science
17 Aug 2009




Information on the science Ines is used for



  • Material characterisation
  • Magnetic structure refinement
  • Quantitative multiphase analysis
  • Full angular coverage for easy texture analysis
  • Wide sample tank (diameter=80cm) for bulky objects
  • Free space to perform detector tests
  • Modular beam pipe, further imaging devices can be easily tested
  • Four optical windows for visual inspection inside the sample tank

The high resolution (down to 0.12%) coupled with the large d-spacing accessible range (0.2-12 Å) makes INES suitable for structural
characterization of various kind of materials.

Another application is the quantitative multiphase, texture, and peak-shape analysis on historical or industrial interest samples.
The very large sample area allows the measurement of large objects.
Gauge volumes can be selected by using a system of four jaws, an x-y table, a goniometer and
an imaging device for sample positioning and neutron radiography.

Thanks to the high flux of epithermal neutrons available at ISIS and the open access to the experimental
area, INES is used for devices and detectors tests.