Installing GudrunX
08 Dec 2009



This page gives basic instructions for installing GudrunX on a PC.  Mac and Linux users who experience difficulties should contact their instrument scientist for further advice.

Editing system paths

The zip file for GudrunX can be downloaded by clicking here.  Extract the files onto your PC.  You should also ensure that the latest version of Java is installed on your PC.

This will create the main folder, GudrunX, which contains the GudrunX.bat file required to start the program and the various files needed to help it run and several sub folders.  These folders are:

  • GudrunSourceX, which stores further files which are necessary for GudrunX to run.
  • RawData, where the raw .XRDML can be saved
  • Run, where the input file and the output files GudrunX generates can be stored.

Once you have extracted the files onto your PC, you will need to ensure that Gudrun is looking for files in the correct places.  You will need to edit the 'GudrunX_window.syspar' using a word editor.  The first two lines refer to executable files in the GudrunSourceX folder, and you must ensure that these have the correct directory.

For example:


The subsequent lines point to files in the GudrunX directory and do not need to be edited.  Now you should save the file, and open GudrunX by clicking on the GudrunX.bat file.  Check the alterations to the .syspar files have been successful by opening System → Set system parameters and review the data in the window which appears.

You are now ready to setup an input file and start analysing your data.