Mechanical Project Design Engineer
10 Feb 2017




At STFC we deliver world class research, innovation and skills for the UK. We combine world-class facilities including the Central Laser Facility, the Hartree Centre, ISIS and RAL Space, with major international collaborations with organisations such as C


STFC’s Central Laser Facility (CLF) is a world-class centre for research in physical and life sciences. CLF houses some of the most intense lasers in the world, capable of generating some of the most extreme conditions on earth. 

Our Engineering and Technology Group is responsible for the design, procurement, construction, installation, maintenance and development of equipment and infrastructure required for the various laser systems which ensures our world leading position.

We have a vacancy for a Mechanical Project Design Engineer who will be responsible for leading the conceptual design of future facility upgrades and when funded, completing the design and project managing the installation.  Projects historically have varied significantly in size and for large projects (>£300k) it is expected the project engineer will be responsible for discrete engineering work‑packages. 

You will collaborate closely with scientific and engineering teams to evolve laser upgrade schemes for future capability as well as support for the current infrastructure. The role will be primarily office based and the job holder will be required to use SolidEdge 3D CAD and other software packages. Funded schemes will undergo conceptual design through detail design to final operation. You will project manage the design, production, assembly and commissioning phases. It is expected that multiple projects in a range of states will run concurrently.

List of duties/responsibilities

•         to lead the design of novel complex schemes and systems through conceptual design and detail design

•         to oversee the procurement and delivery of hardware as required

•         to manage staff and contract effort as required meeting the objectives of the project/facility

•         to be responsible for motivating and developing staff, and allocating and assigning work

•         to be responsible for the analysis and calculations of their own and others design work as required ensuring engineering designs comply with sound engineering practice

•         to be responsible for the safety and life cycle of the hardware/project in their control

•         to be responsible for the management of engineering risk and safety

•         to be responsible for the management of their projects and work packages to deliver within the agreed budgets, timescales and scope

•         to provide expert engineering input into bids for complex projects in terms of cost, time, scope and risk

•         to be responsible for the work planning of a cross disciplinary project team as required.

Contacts and Communication

•         required to liaise with engineers and other disciplines, both staff and visiting scientists at all levels across the organisation

•         required to interface with the customer on major projects representing STFC’s interests and to negotiate technical agreements

•         line and project management – regular face to face or telephone conversations to discuss progress, technical issues, priorities, resources, training, management, etc.

•         commercial companies - Regular face to face or telephone conversations to discuss technical specifications, ordering, delivery, maintenance and repair of equipment etc.

•         other RAL departments such as outside manufacturers

•         regular conversations to progress manufacture and delivery of components.

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