Merlin sample environment
17 Oct 2008



MERLIN accepts a large variety of sample environment


Merlin has a dedicated top loading CCR operating between 6K and 300K, which offers the best performance in terms of background, and is fully compatible with the rotation stage used in studies of pre-aligned single crystals. Apart from this, the most frequently used sample environment kits are:

  • Top-loading closed-cycle refrigerator: temperature range extended from 6K to 800K with addition of hot stick. A rotation stage is available to use in studies  of pre-aligned single crystals
  • Standard cryostat: Temperature range 1.5K to 300K. It should be noted that this cryostat has a strongly enhanced background in comparison to the standard CCR, and so should only be used when temperatures below 5 K are essential to the experiment
  • High pres​sure cells (>1Kbar)
  • Cryomagnets :  2 T maximum field for the wide angle chopper magnet, 4 T maximum for the 7.5 T standard magnet, which has a much smaller vertical opening  

For more information see the sample environment page or contact the instrument scientists.