Muon Training School 2012
16 Dec 2011



ISIS ran a week-long training school on the use of muon spectroscopy starting on 19th March 2012. It included a variety of lectures and workshops on the muon technique given by experienced researchers, and also the chance to perform muon experiments - the

Group photo
Group photo

Copies of the lecture notes given at the school can be found below in pdf format (please be aware that some of these are several MB in size):

Welcome (Philip King)

Introduction to μSR (Stephen Blundell)

Muon Spectroscopy (Adrian Hillier)

Analyzing μSR Spectra (Stephen Blundell)

Practical Aspects of μSR (Sean Giblin)

Data Analysis (Francis Pratt)

Applications of μSR - Charge Transport (Alan Drew)

Applications of μSR - Semiconductors (Rui Vilao)

Applications of μSR - Chemistry (Jas)

RIKEN-RAL (Isao Watanabe)

PSI Muons (Thomas Prokscha)

Applications of μSR - Magnetism (Tom Lancaster)

Complementary Techniques - Neutrons and Muons (Bob Cywinski)

Applications of μSR - Superconductors (Roberto de Renzi)

Complementary Techniques - NMR and μSR (Philippe Mendels)

RF and Pulsed Environments (James Lord)

A Short Introduction to QUANTUM (James Lord)

Farewell and How to write a proposal (Philip King)

Photographs from the school can be found on the photographs page.

Notes from the previous training school can be found at: Muon Training School 2010.