Muon Training School 2014
16 Dec 2011



ISIS Muon Training School - May 2014

2014 Muon Spectroscopy Training School Group Photo

ISIS ran a week-long training school on the use of muon spectroscopy in May 2014. It included a variety of lectures and workshops on the muon technique, given by experienced researchers, and also the chance to perform muon experiments - the best way for the participants to learn how they could use muons in their own future research.​

Copies of the lecture notes given at the school can be found below in pdf format (please be aware that some of these are several MB in size):

Welcome (Adrian Hillier)

Introduction to μSR (Roberto De Renzi)

Muon Spectroscopy (Adrian Hillier)

Analyzing μSR Spectra (Francis Pratt)

Applications of μSR - Magnetism (Tom Lancaster)

Applications of μSR - Semiconductors (Rui Vilao)

Applications of μSR - Chemistry (Nigel Clayden)

Applications of μSR - Charge Transport (Martin Månsson)

RIKEN-RAL (Isao Watanabe)

PSI Muons (Elvezio Morenzoni)

Complementary Techniques - Neutrons and Muons (Ross Stewart)

Applications of μSR - Superconductors (Stephen Blundell)

Complementary Techniques - NMR and μSR (Philippe Mendels)

RF and Pulsed Environments (James Lord)

A Short Introduction to QUANTUM (James Lord)

Laser Excitation (Alan Drew)

How to Write a Proposal (Adrian Hillier)

Building a Spectrometer (Stephen Cottrell)

Mantid data analysis workbook and data.

Photographs from the school can be found on the photographs page.

Notes from the previous training school can be found at: Muon Training School 2012.​