Nanoparticles featured on Britannica Blog
28 May 2010



Nanoparticle research performed at ISIS has been featured in an article on the Encyclopaedia Britannica Blog website.

​The Encyclopaedia Britannica Blog is described as 'a place for smart, lively coversations about a broad range of topics.'

Stephen King (ISIS), Helen Jarvie (CEH), and Peter Dobson (Oxford University) were approached by the website’s Biomedical Sciences Editor to ask if they would contribute to the article ‘Science Up Front: Helen Jarvie, Stephen King and Peter Dobson on the Good and Bad of Nanoparticles’.

Their input was requested following the success of their 2009 research on nanoparticle behaviour in waste water, which was published in the journal, Environmental Science and Technology.

Nanoparticle research is one of the most rapidly advancing areas of modern science however it is also widely debated. While new discoveries open up potential applications that could greatly improve our quality of life, other stories claim that they could damage both our health and our environment.

‘The Biomedical Sciences Editor approached my co-author Helen Jarvie’ Dr King said.

‘After discussion we responded to the website with what we could provide to the article. We also decided to involve another of our co-authors, Peter Dobson, who is the current UK special advisor to the Government on nanomaterials. Between the three of us, we covered what we see as the key issues in the nanoparticle debate, and also managed to provide some strategic overview.’

The Blog article is the latest in a line of events that has made the Nanoparticle research accessible to a wider audience. In March Dr King took nanoparticles to the public with a ‘Talking Science’ informal discussion in Swindon, part of the STFC’s public lecture programme.