Neutron Characterisation in Fundamental and Applied Biochemistry
03 Sep 2014



Neutron based measurements are well established in colloidal science and studies of synthetic polymers and complex fluids.


More recent interests have included fundamental biophysical studies in protein structure and assembly, but many researchers in biochemistry, applied biophysics, and the biotechnology industry remain relatively unfamiliar with the range of neutron-based techniques and their ability to answer questions about macromolecule structure, morphology, and dynamics in bulk solution and at interfaces. This inaugural meeting is intended to provide a venue for students and established researchers to learn about the application of neutron science to fundamental biophysical studies proteins and other biological macromolecules, with a long-term view of enhancing the use of these techniques in biotechnology applications.

A post-conference workshop will provide lectures on the fundamentals of neutron scattering and reflectivity.  The conference will consist of a series of lectures by established experts in biotechnology topics, including, but not limited to: self assembly of biological molecules; protein structure, dynamics, and interactions; aggregation and phase behaviour; biomolecule adsorption to interfaces; hydration and interactions with co-solutes.

The long terms goal of these meetings (which will run at least bi-annually) will be to give biotechnology students an introduction to neutron scattering techniques as well as making biotech industry aware of the potential benefits of these techniques.

The main themes of the conference will include:

  • Applications of the neutron scattering to biotechnology – fundamental vs. applied science.
  • Giving details of the process by which experimental time is obtained and conducted.
  • General topic areas will be more will be related to industrial applications.

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Event typeConference
Start date and timeWednesday 03 September 2014, 09:00
EndFriday 05 September 2014, 17:00
LocationCosener's House, Abingdon
Maximum Audience200​