News for users: October 2016 round
09 Sep 2016



ISIS news, events, instrument updates and information applying for beamtime for users who wish to submit a proposal in the next round.

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Next proposal round closing date: 16 October 2016, 23:00 GMT

This call for proposals covers beamtime that will be allocated from February 2017 to September 2017


Instrument updates

TOSCA will be open for experimental proposals to be submitted in this October’s proposal round, after previously not accepting proposals in April 2016 due to the installation of the neutron guide.

LOQ has now been equipped with a beamstop-mounted transmission monitor (cf. SANS2D), meaning that for most samples it will now be possible to measure scattering patterns and transmission data simultaneously. For a typical sample changer experiment it is anticipated this will ‘save’ 2 hours beam time each day.



ISIS Facility Development Studentship call

A call is now open for ISIS Facility Development Studentships. The deadline for proposals is 16 October 2016.

ISIS has available a limited number of 50%-funded studentships for UK users to run from October 2017. A full description of this studentship scheme plus instructions on how to apply is available on the ISIS website.


Call for Post-doctoral Fellowships now open

A call is now open for post-doctoral fellowship applications under the Rutherford International Fellowship Programme run by STFC and Diamond Light Source.

Researchers who have a PhD or at least four years equivalent research experience, and who have not worked in the UK for more than 12 months in the past 3 years, are eligible to apply for a Fellowship. Fellowships enable a researcher to spend two years within an STFC department (including the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source) or at the Diamond Light Source, pursuing a research project in collaboration with the host department.

Around 12 Fellowships are available. The closing date for applications is 14 October 2016. Full details of the programme and how to apply can be found on the STFC website.


NMSUM Feedback

Did you attend the UK Neutron and Muon Science and User Meeting (NMSUM) in Warwick this year? If so, we value your feedback! Please take a moment to complete this survey to help us in planning next year’s event.


Experimental Reports

An experimental report is required for every experiment run at ISIS. In particular, we will now require an experimental report in order to accept a continuation proposal.

Experimental reports provide a record of how ISIS beamtime is used. They are not made public, but they are made available to Facility Access Panels to help in proposal assessment, and internally to ISIS science groups. Principal investigators are emailed a report form following each experiment; forms can also be downloaded from the  Apply for Beamtime section of the ISIS website. We will be adding a section to the ISIS online systems to enable users to check which reports are still to be submitted, but in the meantime please contact the User Office if you wish to check this. Please note that an experiment report is mandatory for continuation proposals to be accepted.


Umbrella’s Up!

You can now sign into the ISIS online systems using Umbrella.  Umbrella is a system in use by neutron, muon and x-ray facilities around Europe which enables a single sign-on to be used across all facilities. Once you’re registered for Umbrella, and associated your Umbrella account with the facility you want to use, you can then use your Umbrella ID and password to login. So far you can use your single Umbrella account to access ISIS, ESRF, ILL, PSI, Elettra and DESY. Further details can be found here. When you arrive at the ISIS login screen here you now have the option of using your Umbrella ID to sign in.



ISIS Crystallography Users Meeting 31 October - 1 November 2016

ISIS Molecular Spectroscopy Science Meeting 9-10 November 2016

MDANSE 10-12 November 2016 

Molecular (and Lattice) Dynamics to Analyse Neutron Scattering Experiments 

The Disordered Materials User Group Meeting 14-15 February 2017

The Empirical Potential Structure Refinement (EPSR) Workshop 16-17 February 2017 


How to apply for beamtime

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