Over 500 visitors discover the joy of science at ISIS open day
28 Jan 2012



More than 500 people visited the ISIS neutron source on Saturday 28 January in a rare opportunity to see inside this world-leading research centre based at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire.

​​Over 500 family and friends of ISIS staff visited ISIS on 28 January 2012 to discover more about life in a modern working research centre

The ISIS Family & Friends Open Day allowed ISIS staff to proudly showcase their work to those closest to them who listen every day to their tales from the workplace.

Visitors eagerly explored the vast buildings learning about atoms and molecules, particle accelerators and modern science. They discovered how ISIS is making advances in many scientific areas from medicine to aerospace. ISIS staff volunteered throughout the day running science demonstrations, performances and explaining what could be seen on the visit routes.

"It was an incredible day on Saturday,” said Andrew Taylor, ISIS Director. “Hundreds of people who aren’t scientists came to see inside a modern, working research centre and were inspired by science.

"There was a great atmosphere in the place – and it was extremely rewarding to see staff from ISIS showing off their facility to their family and friends. There was a fantastic feeling of pride in their achievement of running their facility."


“Many people commented how fantastic, informative and thought provoking they found the experience of visiting ISIS,” said Martyn Bull, Head of Communications at ISIS. “We were able to reach a wide cross-section of the general public giving us strong links out into the local community through personal connections to ISIS and STFC staff. 

Measuring where atoms are and what they are doing is our daily business and it is amazing to realise that things down at this very tiny scale have such a huge impact on everything that we experience.The open day has really helped our visitors to realise how vital and important it is to have places like ISIS in the neighbourhood.”

Visitors to ISIS have been sending messages of praise and thanks to ISIS following the event.

“I think the projects that ISIS is involved in are fascinating and ground-breaking,” reads one letter, and continues: "As a tax-payer I am reassured to think that my salary deductions are being used for something such as this. My thanks for a fantastic afternoon spent at your facility.”

Another correspondent wrote: “My friend said it was one of the most interesting things he has done in years and it has urged him on to becoming a science teacher!”​