Poiseuille Shear Cell
06 Dec 2011



Imperial College/RAL Poiseuille Shear Cell

​Imperial College/RAL Poiseuille shear cell

This apparatus is not in routine operation. Please contact us before requesting to use it.

This is a shear flow cell of a closed, recirculating, design in which the fluid is pumped through a narrow channel between two parallel plates in order to generate the conditions for Poiseuille (or 'pipeline') shear flow (a parabolic flow field). The pathlength through the sample is 1 mm and the volume of sample required is ~80 ml with the flowmeter in place, or ~35 ml with the flowmeter removed.

A combination of a circulating fluid heat exchanger and electrical cartridge heaters give this apparatus an operational temperature range of 10 - 125 °C.

The range of shear rate accessible with this apparatus is sample dependent but is approximately 100 - 5000 s-1. Zero-shear measurements are possible at room temperature.

For further information, see VM Cloke, JS Higgins, L Phoon, SM Richardson, SM King, R Done & TE Cooper, Rev. Sci. Inst., (1996), 67(9), 3158-3163.