Polaris sample environment
17 Oct 2008




A full range of standard ISIS sample environment equipment may be used on Polaris

  • RAL furnaces (RT to 1000°C)
  • Risø furnace (RT to 2000°C)  (90 degrees detectors only)
  • AS Scientific "Orange" cryostat (1.5K to 300K)
  • Oxford Instruments Variox cryostat (1.5K to 300K)
pressure cells
  • Paris-Edinburgh pressure cell (10 GPa maximum)
  • TiZr "gas" pressure cell (5.5 kbar maximum)
sample changer
  • 20 position automatic sample changer (RT)
  • takes 6mm, 8mm and 11mm cylindrical V sample cans
electrical properties
  • sample sticks and meters to allow electrical property measurement (e.g. resistivity, a.c. impedance) in situ for use in furnaces and cryostats are also available.
gas handling
  • stainless steel in situ reaction cell
  • selection of quartz glass cells



For more information see the sample environment page or contact the instrument scientists.