Polref Data Fitting and Reduction
07 Apr 2015



Polref Data Fitting and Reduction




POLREF Data Reduction: is handled by the Mantid data reduction software.


POLREF Data Fitting: At present we are using three data reduction packages:

•       GenX: Simultaneous X-ray and Neutron (NR/PNR/PA) fitting. Can fit Soft X-rays, Cu K alpha X-rays, NR, PNR and PA using a very efficient genetic algorithm for both magnetic and biological systems. We recommend starting here.

•       Ref1D and BUMPS: (NR/PNR/PA) for when layer models simply won’t do and you need Bayesian fitting and analysis. (Warning can be difficult to get working.)

•       RasCAL: Optimised for biological data sets. Now has bootstrapping and Bayesian data analysis and fitting routines. Requires Matlab.