Polref technical information
14 Aug 2009




Technical information


Technical Summary

The outline technical design of polREF has been developed to optimise the possibilities for PNR on the ISIS second target station in the following key areas:

  • Enhanced Flux at the sample position
  • Maximise use of the increased wavelength band
  • Minimise the noise floor on the instrument through design and shielding
  • Secondary shutter to reduce access time
  • Flexible neutron polarisation control
  • Optimised sample environment

polREF will have flexible, three-directional polarisation control, allowing access to all elements of the polarisation matrix over a wavelength range from 1–15 Å. Accurate three-dimensional control of applied magnetic fields at the sample position will be achieved with a 0.5 Tesla magnet, and in-situ magneto-optic Kerr microscopy will give complementary information on the magnetic configuration. A 10 Tesla superconducting magnet will be provided for measurements of rare earth magnetism and superconductivity. polREF will have a 23 m primary flight path and view the grooved solid methane moderator.

Instrument Parameters

ModeratorCoupled grooved cold H2/CH4
Incident Wavelength0.9Å - 15Å
Flux at the sample position~107 n cm-2 s-1
Beam size60 mm x 30mm H x V
Performance×15-23 over ISIS Target Station