Problems finding your data?
08 Mar 2011




Data can only be assigned correctly if the RB number (experiment reference number from the proposal) is correctly entered.


Data is kept private to the Principal Investigator for 3 years after which time is it is publicly available.


You can log in to ICAT using either your STFC account (federal id) or your ISIS proposal system account (email address). As a new user you can register at


If you are logged in but cannot see or find you data it is most likely because the RB number was not entered correctly and hence the data has been permissioned incorrectly.


To get this corrected please email stating:


-          Your name and email address or STFC account (federal ID)

-          The Principal Investigators name (if different)

-          The RB number of the proposal the data should belong to (e.g. 1100123)

-          The instrument name (e.g. HRPD)

-          The run number range you should be able to access (e.g. 3240 – 3288)