Publications from the ISIS second target station
11 Sep 2009



Regular newsletters from the project 'TS2 News' were issued between 2003 and 2007.




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TS2 News

TS2 News is issued with serials ISSN 1751-3154 (Print) and ISSN 1751-3162 (Online) and is deposited at the British Library.

Issue 8 October 2007

Getting ready for neutrons. The pace of progress in building the Second Target Station during 2007 has been impressive. During the summer months the 6000 tonne monolith structure was completed and the proton beamline was installed.

Issue 7 October 2006

Rise of the monolith. In the centre of the new experimental hall building, the monolithic core of the Project is taking shape. This huge steel structure will house a tiny cylinder of tungsten just 6 cm wide and 30 cm long producing billions of neutrons for new experiments.

Issue 6 March 2006

First components arrive on site. Members of the beam diagnostics group within the Proton Beam Task have claimed the honour of getting the first components delivered to the Second Target Station Project site. The beam profile monitors will be used to measure the position of the proton beam as it travels to the target station.

Issue 5 September 2005

One step closer to reality. Construction of the experimental hall building for the ISIS Second Target Station Project has raced ahead over the last few months.
The last piece of steel in the frame of the building was put in place on 14 June by construction contractors Costain.

Issue 4 March 2005

Instrument funding assured. Minister for Science and Innovation, Lord Sainsbury, has announced a further £27.5 million funding to the ISIS Second Target Station project to construct the first seven neutron scattering instruments.

Costain and Corus win major contracts. Two of the biggest contracts within the scope of the ISIS Second Target Station project totalling nearly £36 million have been awarded.

Issue 3 September 2004

First buildings near completion, for occupation by support staff for ISIS experiments.

Baseline specifications for the seven neutron instruments being built by the project were
completed at the end of June.

Issue 2 March 2004

Transformation! 300,000 cubic metres of chalk have been relocated to create space for the ISIS Second Target Station Project buildings.

Issue 1 September 2003

£100.4 million to expand world-leading Oxfordshire neutron facility. The expansion will help scientists working on the next generation of environmentally-friendly technologies, super-fast computers, data storage and sensors, as well as pharmaceutical and medical breakthroughs.​