Research Complex at Harwell now open
15 Jul 2010



The new Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH) is now open to users, with the official declaration ceremony led by Sir Lezek Borysiewicz (Chief Executive of the Medical Research Council (MCR)) last week.

​​The Research Complex at Harwell was officially opened on July 9

The RCaH is a new multidisciplinary laboratory at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL) that will provide facilities for both short and long term research in the physical and life sciences and the interfaces between them.

As well as housing an extensive variety of equipment to facilitate cutting edge research, the Research Complex will act as a place for researchers to collaborate with expert scientists and highly trained technical experts. It will also become a hub for teams from Large Scale Facilities to combine their knowledge and expertise.

The complex will be available for use on a competitive basis by users of many of RAL’s research facilities. All ISIS researchers and users will be able to apply for time to access the equipment the centre provides.

David Willetts (Minister for Universities and Science) has high hopes for the centre, saying, ‘this state-of-the-art complex has huge potential for maintaining our position at the cutting edge of world leading science.’ 

Director of the Research Complex, Professor Simon Phillips, said ‘the Complex... acts as a ‘Research Hotel,’ meaning that scientists from universities all over the UK can come here and use our facilities.’

Similar set ups have reaped great rewards abroad, and the new opening will be a key development in UK research.

Investment for the £26million complex came in 2006, courtesy of the Government’s Large Facilities Capital Fund (LFCF).

Further details on how to access RCaH for ISIS users

Apply for access

Equipment at the facility