Review of STFC Programmes
25 Apr 2012



Between June 2012 and September 2013 (planned reporting date), STFC will be reviewing all of the activities that it supports. 




The aim will be to consider the quality, effectiveness and impact of all current STFC activities, and to identify opportunities for future inclusion in the STFC programme.

STFC’s facilities (including ISIS and the Central Laser Facility) will be reviewed as part of this process. The review of the facilities will also inform STFC’s part of the process that will input to the Large Facilities Funding Model, the process by which the core facility funding is allocated.

Facility users will be able to contribute to the review via STFC’s advisory panels consisting of members of the research community. You can find further information including the Terms of Reference for the review on the STFC website, which will also give regular updates on the process.