STFC-ISIS-20 ISIS neutron source python teaching tool
04 Feb 2019





The project is to design, implement and test a python program themed around aspects of the computing that takes place at ISIS. The users of this program would be secondary school computing students. The program would be designed to teach users the basics of python programming and to give them an insight into experiments at ISIS.

The program would lead users through a basic experiment at ISIS asking them to control how data is collected and analysed. This would be done by asking the users to write a basic python script to manipulate a fake instrument. The user's code would then be validated to ensure the program they have produced matches the brief for the experiment. If the program is accepted, the user will be able to advance to analysing the data they have collected. If not the user will be given feedback on how they can better match the expected program.

The user will then have to write another python script to analyse the data. Once this script has been written successfully and validated, the user will be able to determine what material was being investigated in the experiment by comparing their results to a set of sample results.

The student working on this project will gain software engineering experience in planning, design, implementation and testing of a software project. Additionally they will gain understanding of how to use Git and GitHub to collaborate on project with multiple developers. Students will also gain some insight into the basics of how experiments take place at ISIS.

Supervisor: Elliot Oram, Oram,