Sandals sample environment
17 Oct 2008



We routinely mount the following pieces of equipment: sample changer with water/glycol thermal bath, cryostats, closed cycle refrigerators, furnaces, high pressure cells and rigs, gas rigs.Check out the related links.But we are more than happy to desi

​Automatic sample changer

All our pieces of equipment are easily controlled through a scriptable Labview interface.

The most simple setup on SANDALS employs a short stick (with the possibility of a simple heater element and/or temperature sensor connected to it).

The most popular one though, makes use of a sample changer (guess why!). Our sample changer allows to load up to 15 samples at the same time and run them cyclically. It needs a crane (alias your local contact) in order to change sample.

The sample changer is attached to a water bath (Julabo FP50, circulating 8 litres of 50% ethylene glycol-water mixture) able to reach temperatures in the range -5°C to 110°C, or just to keep your samplke at constant room temperature.

Occasionally and asking kindly we can borrow the bigger LOQ water bath (Julabo FP52, 24 litres) to reach temperatures down to -60°C (we have really attempted only -28°C until now).

For more information see the sample environment page or contact the instrument scientists.