Sandwich Student - Electrical Engineering Student
25 Aug 2016




STFC offers you an opportunity to gain paid practical experience as part of your degree.  Each year STFC recruit up to 45 sandwich students who are able to use and develop the skills they’ve acquired at university in a working environment, providing learn


ISIS is a world-leading neutron and muon source used for materials science studies by researchers from the UK and around the world.  It is an important contributor to scientific and technical knowledge and to the British economy.  At the heart of the facility is an 800MeV accelerator (synchrotron) which fires protons into special spallation targets to produce the neutrons and muons which are in turn used as probes to investigate a very wide range of materials.  Within the ISIS department is the accelerator division and within that is the Electrical Engineering Group which has responsibility for maintenance, repair and development work associated with the synchrotron.


Work as necessary under supervision within the group to develop and maintain systems on the ISIS accelerator. 

Likely duties:

•         produce designs and concepts through the use of 2D & 3D CAD systems

•         procure manufactured items and bought out components

•         work with and understand the requirements of projects set by the customer

•         manage project workload to ensure targets are met

•         produce calculations to validate designs.

Technical or other training will be undertaken as appropriate.


•         must be highly motivated, innovative and inquisitive

•         ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team

•         ability to work independently

•         ability to read and understand technical information and willing to find out or ask for help where they do not understand

•         capable of rapid development of technical and non-technical skills

•         ability to communicate well both technically and non-technically

•         ability to produce good written work and reports

•         shows an interest in the world outside of engineering

•         shows an appreciation of engineering in the wider context of society.

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