Sandwich Student - IT Support Assistant
24 Aug 2016




STFC offers you an opportunity to gain paid practical experience as part of your degree.  Each year STFC recruit up to 45 sandwich students who are able to use and develop the skills they’ve acquired at university in a working environment, providing learn


This placement is to work in a team providing computing support services at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. The aim is to provide you with a broad range of experience of the issues involved in providing computer support services in a scientific environment.

List of Duties/Responsibilities

You will be assigned to the IT Service Desk in the ISIS department, undertaking support of Windows desktop systems (and possibly some Apple and Linux systems also).  Across all of the above areas you will gain experience with issues of computer security, networking and web based documentation, as well as significant user interaction and customer support and the installation and configuration of IT related hardware and software. You will also be expected to participate in projects aimed at improving the IT infrastructure.

The business computing environment consists of Windows Active Directory Domains using Microsoft Office and Outlook as the email client.

Personal Skills and Attributes

You should have good interpersonal skills and be committed to delivering an excellent service to their customers within the department

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