Sandwich Student - e-learning developer
25 Aug 2016




STFC offers you an opportunity to gain paid practical experience as part of your degree.  Each year STFC recruit up to 45 sandwich students who are able to use and develop the skills they’ve acquired at university in a working environment, providing learn


You will be employed by the ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory to develop e-learning tools for muon spectroscopy. Your work will contribute to projects focussed on developing e-learning tools for both neutron and muon techniques on a common platform both in the UK and around Europe.

Muon spectroscopy is used to study a wide range of different materials in order to address questions in physics and chemistry. ISIS is one of four laboratories in the world where these experiments are performed and the only one running a regular training school for early-career researchers that is dedicated to the muon technique ( Your work developing e-learning materials will directly contribute to the syllabus of future schools. It will also allow ISIS to offer similar training on-line to a wider group of people, including facility users and PhD students working in the recently formed centres for doctoral training.

List of Duties/Responsibilities

Having learnt the fundamentals of the muon technique the project will involve:

•         Developing muon spectroscopy e-learning materials. This will involve producing a Wiki and collating lecture notes into a suitable form for e-learning. There would be opportunities for making exercises, quizzes, and tailoring directed courses based on these materials. For more information about the type of learning materials being created, see: and

•         Devising a training course using existing software for simulation of a muon spectrometer, to introduce students to the key physical and technical concepts of muon instrumentation. This is likely to involve developing a series of virtual experiments, with an accompanying workbook, that can be followed independently by the student. For candidates with experience of appropriate software tools there may be an opportunity to make these exercises available on-line in collaboration with a Danish group working on an equivalent project for neutron experiments.

Personal Skills and Attributes

Good communications skills, problem solving, and the ability to work in a team. A willingness to learn new skills, both technical and non-technical. An interest in how people learn, experience of computer programming, or working with online learning systems would be desirable.

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