Science case for a second target station at ISIS
10 Sep 2009




Phase One science case for the construction of neutron target and  monolith, experimental hall, proton beamline and seven neutron instruments.


The Second Target Station on the ISIS pulsed neutron facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory represents a new generation of neutron production target and instrument suite.

It will offer unique instrumentation and unrivalled potential for structural and dynamical studies of matter, using cold neutrons and high resolution spectroscopy. Such studies will be inter-disciplinary, with applications predominantly in Soft Condensed Matter, Bio-Molecular Sciences and Advanced Materials.

A summary of the proposal outlines the scope of the project, along with the potential for new research and relevance to the technology foresight exercise. Full sections of the report have also been reproduced here as PDF documents.


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A Second Target Station at ISIS
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