Long Shutdown Updates
15 Jul 2021



Stay up to date with the latest updates from the engineering projects happening during the ISIS long shutdown.




21 July 2021

With the old tank removed, installation of the new tank has begun, starting with the rails that will support it. 

Installation of tank IV railsInstallation of tank IV rails

19 July 2021

The old tank IV was removed from the Linac area, using a complex arrangement of internal and external cranes. It has been installed in 1976, so this was a big moment! See below for a timelapse of the removal. 

Tank 4 on a craneTank 4 and the team

15 ​July 2021​

With the accelerator turned off, the work on the large engineering projects at ISIS have moved on to the next stage. In target station one, the current target assembly is being dissembled and removed. The first to be removed were the ion exchange columns (shown below); these components are now radioactive and need to be contained within flasks before removal. Ion exchange removal.jpg
​ 21EC1287 TS1 Ion exchange columns _ filter removal.jpg

Over in the linear accelerator, the old linac tank IV that is being replaced was prepared for removal (below, left). This is another engineering challenge, as the geometry to bring out the old tank in one piece was only just feasible, and the weight of the tank was close to the limit of the current crane. The new tank is also being taken apart again to prepare for installation (below, right). 

linac tank test lift

new linac tank stripped

Contact: de Laune, Rosie (STFC,RAL,ISIS)