Site Klaxon Alarm
03 Nov 2010



The picture shows one of the site klaxons.

​​Site Klaxon

They are sounded when there has been a release of radioactive or toxic substances. During such an emergency the Site Emergency Controller at the Harwell Laboratory will take control and you will be kept informed of what you should do.

Please note that the following procedure applies whilst you are on any part of the Harwell/RAL campus.

On hearing the warning do the following:

1.   If outside enter the nearest main building at once and stay there. 

2.   If working in the ISIS TS1 experimental hall go to the foyer. If working in the TS2 experimental hall go to the level 2 or 3 east side office area.

3.   If working in Hrpd or Engin-x then please go up into building R78.

4.   If in any other building stay inside and observe local instructions. Close all windows, sky lights and louvres and close (but do not lock) all exterior doors.

5.   Follow any instructions you may be given by a building warden or other authorised person. 

Do not use the fixed landline phones. These must be kept clear for emergency instructions.

The sound clip is of the klaxons being tested – hence the combination of continuous and interrupted tones. The klaxons are tested at 10:00AM on the first Tuesday of every month.

The WARNING is an interrupted note on the Klaxons lasting one and a half minutes.

The ALL CLEAR is a continuous note lasting two minutes.


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