Software for IRIS/OSIRIS data analysis
17 Oct 2008




The main software package used to analyse data from IRIS and OSIRIS is Mantid. It is a free GUI and script based software available to download.

MODES peak fitting

Mantid handles data from both IRIS and OSIRIS, and performs both Data Reduction and Data Analysis. It can be downloaded from here.

Data Reduction involves converting measured time-of-flight (tof) data into S(Q,ω). Operations include:

  •  Converting from tof to energy transfer (or other units eg. d-spacing
  •  Summing of spectra into groups and converting from detector angle to Q-value
  •  Absorption, empty cell and multiple scattering corrections (if necessary)

Data Analysis refers to science-based interpretation of the reduced data. Operations include:

  •  Fitting QE peaks using the convolution method
  •  Calculating peak parameters using Bayesian analysis
  •  Fitting peak widths to diffusion/rotation models
  •  Performing Fourier Transformation of S(Q,ω) to I(Q,t)
  •  Fitting scattering functions to stretched exponential decays  

In addition to Mantid, other packages that can be used to analyse data from IRIS are:

  • DAVE
  • MSLICE (see manual)
  • Modes (in OpenGenie. Now with minimal support & no more developments.)

OSIRIS diffraction

To analyse diffraction patterns taken with OSIRIS, you are advised to use Mantid.