Softwate used by the group
24 Jun 2010




The Excitations group maintains a wide range of software for data reduction, visualisation and analysis. All of these software packages are freely available, either from their own dedicated website (which will include a user manual), or from your instrume



Libisis - a library of lower-level functions for data reduction and manipulation. Matlab based and includes Homer.

Homer - a program to convert and reduce raw detector data into SPE files.

MSlice - visualisation of single crystal and powder data from a single run. Matlab based, although a standalone version also availible.

MGenie - provides the functionality of the old Genie software, with a Matlab interface. Largely superseded by Libisis.

Tobyfit - Tobyfit is a program for simulation and least squares fitting of single crystal neutron scattering data, incorporating instrument resolution. The latest version of this software runs in Matlab with a graphical user interface. 

Horace - provides generation, visualisation, simulation and fitting of large 4-dimensional datasets obtained by making multiple measurements of a single crystal with varying sample orientation or incident energy. Matlab based.

Download and Setup instructions

Libisis and Standalone Homer. You usually need MATLAB to use Libisis efficiently, but basic data reduction tasks can be done using standalone Homer for Windows

Mslice and Standalone Mslice is a MATLAB application, but a standalone version can be used under Windows

Tobyfit for Windows and Tobyfit for Linux is a MATLAB application. For an old command-line driven Fortran version, contact Toby Perring.

Horace  is a MATLAB application.

Manuals (ask your instrument scientist for the software itself)

TOBYPLOT - a tool for mapping the trajectories of detectors through reciprocal space.

CHOP - a tool to calculate energy resolution and neutron flux for a given chopper setup.