Summer Student Project: ISIS-18
24 Jan 2017




ISIS is a world-leading facility for condensed matter research using neutron scattering and muon spectroscopy, with a strong scientific user programme and extensive international links.


Software is an essential part of all the instruments. Initially developed by ISIS, the Mantid framework ( provides a state of the art data treatment and analysis software package for its instruments and continues to grow to cover the many different scientific areas used at this international facility. Mantid is now also a core part of the operation of the SNS facility in the USA. 

The Mantid team requires an additional scientific software developer to develop and support further the framework and associated scientific software.

This is an opportunity to work in a growing team with significant scope to contribute to different areas of work.

Benefits to the student:

Over the course of the post you will gain real world experience in areas such as:

•             Python in a scientific environment

•             GUI development using Qt

•             Cross platform development

•             A detailed knowledge of C++

•             Multi-threaded development and debugging

•             Automated test experience

•             Team working as a partner in a professional development team

Supervisor: Anders Markvardsen (

You might particularly like this if you are interested in any of these: computer science.