Support Laboratory Equipment
03 Nov 2014



The ISIS Support Laboratories house a variety of equipment for chemical and biological work, materials characterisation and sample preparation for work during, before and following beamline experiments.




Equipment by Type

Follow the links below to see related equipment for a particular technique or measurement type.


Chemical, Physical and Materials

Atomic & Magnetic Force Microscopy

Powder, Liquid & Thin Film X-Ray Diffraction

Single-crystal X-Ray Diffraction      X-Ray Fluorescence

Physical & Magnetic properties

Thermogravimetric Analysis      Volumetric Analysis

Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Raman Spectroscopy      FTIR Spectroscopy




Equipment Full Lists

A list of all specialist equipment housed in the support laboratories is located here. Note this does not include general laboratory equipment, such as glassware, balances, spatulas etc.