22 Nov 2011



Registered visitors to ISIS can access the 'STFC Facilities Users' wireless network using their self managed login.


Access to RAL's wireless networks (Wi-Fi)

The ‘STFC-Facilities-users’ wireless network can be accessed from most experimental areas and office buildings.

You can login in with your easy email username and password, your Federal ID or with a coupon.


  • Using your easy email username and password

If you have created your own login details (e.g. email address as username, password of your choice – as used in proposal system and safety test system), you can now use these to log in and access wireless.  Connect to the ‘STFC-Facilities-users’ network and, when you first launch your browser, enter your username and password on the login screen that comes up.  Please note that for this to work you must be registered with the user office as on a visit at the time you try to access the wireless network. 


  • Using an STFC Computer Account ‘Federal ID’

If you have an STFC ‘Federal ID’ (a username and password that are random letters/numbers), you can use this to log in. Connect to the ‘STFC-Facilities-users’ network, and use your username and password on the log in screen that comes up when they first launch their browser (the CLRC\ prefix to the username is not needed)


  • Coupon from the User Office

If all else fails, wireless coupons are still available from the User Office.​


Eduroam to connect to WiFi

During your experiment you can now connect to our visitors WiFi network using your home institution credentials using ‘Eduroam’. Eduroam is set up by your institution so contact your local IT helpdesk before your visit to make sure everything is ready for you to use this new service. Visit www.ja.net to find out more about eduroam and to discover participating organisations. If your organisation is not listed then you will still be able to connect to our WiFi using the same login details that you use for all our other online services or a coupon (see above).