XRD publications
04 Jul 2011




A list of recent publications using data collected on the Ag-tube X-ray diffractometer provided by the Disordered Materials group


A.K. Soper and E.R. Barney, Extracting the Pair Distribution Function (PDF) from White Beam X-ray Total Scattering Data, J. Appl. Cryst., dx.doi.org/10.1107/S0021889811021455

S. Diaz-Moreno, S. Ramos and D. Bowron, Solvation Structure and Ion Complexation of La3+ in a 1 Molal Aqueous Solution of Lanthanum Chloride, J. Phys. Chem. A, 115 (2011) 6575

E.R. Barney, A.C. Hannon, O.N. Senkov, J.M. Scott, D.B. Miracle and R.M. Moss, A neutron and X-ray diffraction study of Ca-Mg-Cu metallic glass, Intermetallics, 19 (2011) 860

T.D. Bennett, D.A. Keen, J-C. Tan, E.R. Barney, A.L. Goodwin and A.K. Cheetham, Thermal Amorphization Of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks, Angew. Chem. Intl. Ed. Eng, 50 (2011) 3067

S. Imberti and D.T. Bowron, Formic and Acetic Acid Aggregation in the Liquid State, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 22, (2010) 404212

O.N.Senkov, D.B. Miracle, E.R. Barney, A.C. Hannon, Y. Cheng and E. Ma, Local Structure of Ca-Mg-Zn Metallic Glasses, Phys. Rev. B, 82 (2010) 104206

S.F. Parker, K. Refson, A.C. Hannon, E.R. Barney, S.J. Robertson and P. Albers, Characterization of Hydrous Palladium Oxide: Implication for Low-Temperature Carbon Monoxide Oxidation, J. Phys. Chem. C, 114 (2010) 14164

T.D. Bennett, A.L Goodwin, M.T. Dove, D.A. Keen, M.G. Tucker, E.R. Barney, A.K. Soper, E.G. Bithell, J.C. Tan and A.K. Cheetham, Structure and Properties of an Amorphous Metal-Organic Framework, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104 (2010) 115503