10T Magnet
21 Oct 2009




This 10T cryomagnet is in a vertical split pair configuration with an integral variable temperature insert.

10T Gem Magnet

The magnet split at Variable Temperature Insert is 10mm, and the Azimuthal, ie. out of horizontal plane access from the VTI,  is ±7.5o. Angular access in the horizontal plane ~340o, 20o dead-angle for services between upper and lower magnet coils. Magnet coil supports are concentric rings constructed of Aluminium alloy. The total radial thickness of aluminium rings is 24mm. 

At the mid-point between the magnet coils, across a diameter of the support assembly each support ring has a 15mm diameter line-of-sight hole for passage of the primary neutron beam. Coincident with the line-of-site holes the Outer Vacuum Chamber, OVC, has two resin bonded 20mm dia. Vanadium windows, radiation shield has 0.05mm vanadium windows and the VTI has 0.2mm Vanadium windows at the sample height. Static or Omega rotating centre stick with 0.001° resolution for single crystals available.

Parameter: Value:
Field  8T at 4.2K
10T at 2.2K (with lambda plate)
Sample Space 48mm Dia. x 15mm high
Homogeneity 1.5% over 20mm Dia x 20mm long
  0.5% over 20mm Dia x 10mm long
Persistance 1 part in 10,000 per hour.
Current < 120 amps