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08 Dec 2020



Information for users throughout their journey at ISIS

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​​​​Contact the User Office​​​​​
If you have any queries please contact the
ISIS User Office

​​Tel: +44 1235 445592 (ext 5592​​)

The User Office can be found in the Reception Building (R75)

Outside of normal office hours please contact the ISIS Main Control Room on:
+44(​0)1235 446789 (ext 6789​)

The call for access to ISIS Neu​tron and Muon Source is closed

The next call for both TS1 and TS2 ​instruments will open on:

Thursday 7 March 2024

Proposal deadline will be 17:00 BST Wednesday 17 April 2024​

Important: Rapid and Direct Acc​ess proposals are now submitted via our new proposal system

Please see here​ for more information and user documentation.

Pro​posal systems for all access routes are accessed via:

ISIS Online Proposal System

View your proposal pdfs from 2023 onwards here.

Contact for proposal pdfs submitted prior to 2023.

An experiment team must come to ISIS to run their experimentPlease ensure you have an experiment team able to come physically to ISIS before submitting a proposal.​

ALL Rapid and Xpress Access proposals ​must be discussed with an instrument scientist prior to submission.​

Industrial / Commercial access to ISIS must be discussed with Dr Chris Frost before submission.

​Latest STFC and ISIS Facility Covid guidelines​

To view and edit your user account details, or register for a Facilities User Account, visit:

Link to General User Information

Applying for beamtimeLink to Before your experiment ​Link to During your experiment​​Link to After your experiment​ ​​​​​

Contact: ISIS User Office