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Next call for Direct Access proposals: October 2020 

ISIS neutron and muon instruments are free at the point of access for academic and industry researchers, provided the results from experiments are published in the public domain.  Fully confidential fast-tracked use of the instruments is also available for industrial and commercial customers. 

New users are always welcome at ISIS Neutron and Muon Source and we are constantly encouraging new areas of research that can flourish. There are a number of routes for academics and industry to access beamtime, please ​browse the links below for further important information and guidance including links to our instrument pages​​​.

If you are ready to put forward a proposal visit the ISIS Online Proposal System or to submit an industrial proposal contact Dr Christopher Frost.​

Advance notice: ISIS long shutdown

ISIS will have an extended shutdown from late summer 2020 - autumn 2021 for significant refurbishment work on the first target station and installation of a new linear accelerator tank, in order to extend the life of the facility for many years to come.  TS1 will be off from Sept 2020 until Nov 2021, and TS2 will be off from Sept 2020 to May 2021. This will that the April 2020 proposal round will be cancelled​​, and the October 2020 proposal round will be for TS2 instruments only.  We are announcing this now in order to give as much time as possible for the planning of research programmes, PhD projects, etc.​  

Proposal deadlines up to 2021 will be:
Round 20/1 Wed 16​​ Oct 2019: all instruments
Round 20/2 Cancelled (no proposal round in Apr 2020)
Round 21/1 Wed 21 October 2020: TS2 instruments only
Round 21/2 Wed 21 April 2021: all instruments​​