Calls for access to ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
16 Oct 2008



Proposal deadline and call details

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Round 23-2 Details

The next call for access

Applications for both TS1 and TS2 will be invited on Wednesday 1 March 2023

Call deadline 17:00 BST Wednesday 19 April 2023

Access likely to be scheduled from November 2023

Access panel meetings will take place 7-8 June 2023, with results to PIs expected early July​ 2023

Round 23-1 Details

The call for access is closed

Applications for both TS1 and TS2 were invited

Call deadline was 12:00 BST Monday 24 October 2022

Access likely to be scheduled April ​to October 2023

Access panel meetings will take place 7-8 December 2022, with results to PIs expected m​id-January 2023

​A new proposal s​ystem is no​w in place for these Direct Access submissi​ons.  Please leave time to explore the new system in advance of the call deadline.  Further information on the new system can be found here:

To submit a proposal visit the ISIS Online Proposal System​​

Due to the fire incident in the Deuteration Facility Synthetic Lab, in May 2021, the D-laboratory is currently working at reduced capability, and requests for D-materials are limited to either stock materials or materials with less complex synthetic procedures during this round.  If you do have a need for D-materials for a proposed experiment please contact the D-lab team (​) to discuss the request before submitting your proposal - we will do our best to meet your deuteration requirements.

ISIS has returned to pre-Covid ways of running experiments after the long shutdown.  This means that we will expect an experiment team to come to ISIS to run their experiment.  Please ensure you have an experiment team able to come physically to ISIS before submitting a proposal.

​ISIS neutron and muon instruments are free at the point of access for academic and industry researchers, provided the results from experiments are published in the public domain.  Terms and conditions for accessing ISIS can be found here and useful information to note before applying can be found here​.

New users are always welcome at ISIS Neutron and Muon Source and we are constantl​y encouraging new areas of research that can flourish.  There are a number of routes for acad​emics and industry​ to access beamtime.  Please ​browse the box links below for further important information and guidance including links to our instrument pages​​​.


​To submit an industrial proposal contact Dr Christopher Frost

​​​Upcoming ISIS activities​

ISIS TS1 is currently in long shutdown to enable refurbishment of the first target station​.
Updates on the progress of shutdown activities can be found here.



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Contact: ISIS User Office