4. After Your Beamtime

User analysing data



​Access to data

​Access to your data for analysis is available through IDAaaS​. Our data analysis page will give you more information about how to access IDAaaS and what to do if you experience any issues. 

All data produced at ISIS is catalogued into ICAT – the ISIS Data Catalogue. You can log in to ICAT using either your STFC account (federal id) or your ISIS proposal system account email address.​​​

A DOI is issued for every experiment run at ISIS. Citing the relevant DOI in publications provides a link from the publication back to the ISIS data. This enables the data source of the publication to be demonstrated; and enables ISIS to find publications more easily. We would like to have every publication arising from ISIS beamtime to cite at least one data DOI.

Experimental Report​

An experimental report​ must be submitted within three months of the experiment having been completed. Reports are intended as interim summaries of the measurements made during an ISIS experiment and as such do not necessarily need to contain the final conclusions or data analysis. They should however record the outcome of the experiment.

Advice and help with managing research data​

The work of ISIS users involves the production or collection of data, which is then analysed and used as the basis for published conclusions. Detailed information and advice to help with the management and publishing of research data is available on this page.

​​Claiming expenses​

Expenses Claims must be submitted within 60 days of the expenditure.​ Claim forms for users from both within and outside the UK can be found on our dedicated expenses page​. ​

Expenses for consumables must be submitted within three months of the experiment through the online system; claims submitted after this time will not be accepted.​


If you have any queries regarding dosimetry from your experiment, contact the ISIS Dosimetry Office​.

Materials to help you talk about ISIS ​​

​We have a number of materials available​ that include videos and animations that ​you can use to present externally. 

Useful Information