Materials to help you talk about ISIS
12 Dec 2013



If you're talking about ISIS in your presentations here is some material that you might find useful.

​​​TS2 interior view


Key ISIS facts and figures 

You can find some useful information about the ISIS facility, how it works, its history and the instruments, here, in our facts and figures guide.

A journey through ISIS

Take a look behind the scenes at the use of neutrons and muons for cutting edge science in our Journey through ISIS brochure.


ISIS Impact

Information about neutron scattering at ISIS and recent research highlights can be found here, in our Neutron Scattering; Materials for modern life brochure.

ISIS in animation

Here are some useful animations giving an overview of ISIS which you can imbed in your presentations. ISIS Overview animation 10s
ISIS Overview animation 20s
ISIS Overview animation 45s


ISIS Explained

How ISIS works

How ISIS works
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