The ISIS Neutron and Muon Source at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory​ in Oxfordshire is a world-leading centre for rese​arch in the physical and life sciences. It is owned and operated by the S​cience and Technology Facilities Council.​ 

ISIS Neutron​ and ​Muon Source produces beams of neutrons and muons that allow scientists to study materials at the atomic level using a suite of instruments, often described as ‘su​​pe​r-microscope​s’. It supports a national and international community of more than 3000 scientists who use neutrons and muons for research in physics, chemistry, materials science, geology, engineering and biology. ​

​ISIS neutron and muon instruments ​are free to use for rese​archers provided the results from experiments are published​ in the ​​public domain. Fully confidential use of th​e instruments is also available for industrial and commercial customers​. ​​​