ISIS Strategy 2030 - Neutrons and muons to advance knowledge and improve lives.
26 Sep 2022



Our Vision: ISIS will lead the way in the innovative development and exploitation of neutron and muon sources, science, instrumentation and technology.

Image of the ISIS facility with the statement "Neutrons and muons to advance knowledge and improve lives"



​​ISIS Neutron and Muon Source is a national facility with an international reputation. ​Neutrons and muons are versatile experimental probes with unique analytical capabilities that are applicable across a diverse set of research fields. The knowledge generated provides profound insights into the nature of matter, from the molecular structure of a cell membrane to the discovery of fundamental particles required by quantum field theory and the Standard model. These insights can equally be applied to economically relevant challenges and direct societal impact. The capabilities of our​ neutron and muon techniques support and provide a competitive advantage to the UK’s research and technology base.​ 

The ISIS Strategy 2030 outlines the priorities and activities needed to ensure the UK continues to have access to a world-leading centre of excellence in neutron and muon science to 2030 and beyond.

​Priority 1: Delivering a world-leading science programme in partnership with our users.

  • ​Maximise our impact on important scientific, economic and societal challenges through focus, leadership and collaboration with academic and industry partners.
  • Support development and collaboration within the user community. 
  • Grow the user base by attracting new users from academia and industry.
Priority 2: Developing and deploying world-class technology and infrastructure
  • Continue to develop the source and options for future upgrades and enhancements.
  • Pursue a managed programme of instrument development.
  • Design, develop and engineer innovative software, sample environment and experimental support practices.
Priority 3 Building partnerships and collaborations
  • Develop relationships to support technical innovation and development of best practices in our operations.
  • Engage with key stakeholders to promote ISIS, further our strategy and maximise opportunities for ourselves and our partners.
  • Sustain and develop our international partnerships and build our international profile.
Priority 4: Empowering and developing our people and teams
  • Develop a positive, inclusive and collaborative culture that recognises the calibre and diversity of skills and expertise, and that is focused on implementing our strategy and achieving our vision.
  • Develop, attract and retain exceptional individuals and teams and nurture the STEM talent required to deliver our vision.
  • Ensure equality, improve diversity and promote equity and inclusion.
Priority 5: Operating effectively, efficiently, safely and sustainably and being an example of comprehensive operational excellence​​
  • Continuously improve performance in all aspects of operation by working together and taking focused action.
  • Continuously improve our safety culture and practices enabling everyone to work safely, in a safe environment.
  • Promote environmental sustainability in all aspects of our operations and the impact of our activities on improving planetary health.
  • Ensure alignment to STFC strategy, objectives, policies and practices and work collaboratively across the council and UKRI.
  • Ensure sound resource and financial planning and management​
Contact: Fletcher, Sara (STFC,RAL,SPC)