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ISIS Neutron and Muon Source currently has over 30 neutron and muon instruments and more are planned through the Endeavour programme.

Muons Emu MuSR HiFi Pearl HRPD Engin-X GEM Mari Merlin SXD Vesuvio Maps Sandals Alf Surf Crisp LOQ Osiris Iris Polaris INES Tosca MuX Argus Chronus Wish Larmor Offspec Inter Polref Sans2d Zoom ChipIR IMAT Let Nimrod Nile  

ISIS is now seeking its next phase of new instruments and significant instrument developments: a portfolio of projects that has been called the Endeavour programme. Endeavour will see the ISIS instrument suite developed to meet current and future challenges in areas such as Materials for the Future; Smart, Flexible and Clean Energy Technologies; Advanced Manufacturing; and Biosciences and Healthcare. More information can be found on the Endeavour we​bpage​. ​​​


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