ISIS instrument IMAT provides a unique combination of neutron imaging and neutron diffraction techniques.

​IMAT is designed for a broad range of materials science areas where non‑destructive and in-situ testing is required.

IMAT will provide neutron radiography, tomography, strain scanning and texture analysis capabilities. IMAT will enable applications in a variety of areas, ranging from Engineering  Sciences to Earth Sciences, Archaeology and Heritage Science to Soft Matter and Biomaterials.

IMAT's field of view is up to 20 cm, and the spatial resolution is 50 micron. The instrument will be able to cope with small and large samples up to 1.5 tonnes. ​​IMAT offers novel energy ​selective radiography methods which enable contrast enhancement and mapping of  microstructure parameters. The instrument will employ state-of-the art reconstruction techniques to create 2D and 3D datasets as a function of the neutron energy.​​



Alternative techniques