Analysing Data
03 Oct 2014



Connecting to ISIS servers for data analysis. Also software used for data reduction and analysis

Analysing data

​​​​​​​​Analysing data​


Connection to Data Analysis Servers​

The principal option to connect to ISIS data analysis servers is via IDAaaS. The ISIScompute server system (access via NoMachine) is being phased out, with SSH-only access from March 2020. All access to ISIScompute will cease on 17th December 2020. Experiment "RB" folders are all already available from IDAaaS, and after 17th December all old ISIScompute user home areas will be mapped across to IDAaaS so that no user data is lost.

Connection to IDAaaS via web browser

IDAaaS is a cluster of virtual machines, with different choices of specification (including what software is installed) based on your workflow (e.g. WISH powder / single crystal diffraction experiment, MERLIN Horace scan, etc.). Access to the system is initially via the web:​​

You log in using your email address and password, the same as you use for accessing the ISIS proposal system. (N.B. if you forget your password, you can reset it via the user office webpage​ -​)

You then have a choice of what virtual machine you want, and you then connect to it via a web browser.

​​Help using IDAaaS

If you need help with some aspect of using IDAaaS your first port of call should be the help ​page:​

If this does solve your problem, contact the dedicated IDAaaS helpdesk:

Downloading data files
You can download (small) data files directly using a web-based file browser that allows you ​access everything in your home and "RB" folders on IDAaaS. This will of course only be suitable for files for which download time will not be probhibitively long. For big files you are probably better off using IDAaaS as described above.

The URL for the data file browser is (login is, like for IDAaaS, with your email address and ISIS proposal system password)​

Data reduction and analysis

​​​​​​​​​Conversion from raw data to a format that you can use for data analysis is done using Mantid. The process is described on the group data reduction page.

To visualise (and analyse) your data you can use tools in Mantid (Ms​​lice) or Horace

Connection to ISIScompute​

​​​ISIScompute is no longer accessible using the NoMachine interface, as the license has expired and has not been renewed. Users are strongly encouraged to use IDAaaS instead, which accesses the same file store as ISIScompute and therefore should allow access to old data.

If for some reason you do still need to connect to ISIScompute you can do so via SSH (e.g. using a client such as Putty), accessing If you have any difficulties please get in touch with your local contact in the first instance.​

As noted above - all access to ISIScompute will end on 17th December 2020, even for SSH. This is because the hardware used for the ISIScompute nodes is obsolete and running at high risk of failure. With the same capabilities available on IDAaaS, we have chosen to end this duplicate (at risk) service rather than continue to support it.​

Contact: Moore, Lamar (STFC,RAL,ISIS)