Experimental Reports
07 May 2009



An experimental report must be submitted within three months of the experiment having been completed.




Reports are intended as interim summaries of the measurements made during an ISIS experiment and as such do not necessarily need to contain the final conclusions or data analysis. They should however record the outcome of the experiment.

Completed forms will not be made public, but may be made available to Facility Access panels for use in assessment of future beamtime applications.

Download a Word version of the form here.

Submitting your Report

Completed experimental reports should be submitted electronically in Word or PDF format to the special email address ISISreports@stfc​.ac.uk (emailing to the user office address, isisuo@stfc.ac.uk, is also fine).

Please ensure that the document name is changed to enable reports to easily identified - please include the experiment RB number in the filename. A confirmatory e-mail message will be sent to you, but this may take up to 2 working days, so please wait for this time before either enquiring further or sending the report again.

General enquiries regarding experimental reports should be directed to the ISIS User Office or Andrew Kaye, and NOT to ISISreports.