User Committee
13 Nov 2009



The User Committee represents the ISIS user community on all aspects of ISIS operations

Image of ISIS user community

Committee members are drawn from ISIS user groups and ISIS senior managers. Users may pass any comments or concerns they have about ISIS to the user group representatives or contact the Chair of the ISIS User Committee Emma Barney.

The ISIS User Committee (IUC) terms of reference can be found he​​re.

The Chair of the IUC is the final arbiter for complaints ​​about ISIS. Details of the complaint procedure can be found here​.

Committee Meetings

IUC meetings are held every six months, normally after the ISIS Facility Access Panel Meetings in June and December. 

Minutes from past meetings can be found here

Committee Membership

Committee Chair Emma Barney University of Nottingham
IUG1 Crystallography  Michael Hayward
University of Oxford
Karen Johnston
University of Durham
IUG2 Disordered Materials  Gosia Swadzba-KwasnyQueens University Belfast
Emma BarneyUniversity of Nottingham
IUG4 Excitations  David BoldrinUnivers​ity of Glasgow
Chris StockUniversity of Edinburgh
IUG5 Molecular Spectroscopy​Alexander O'MalleyUniversity of Bath
Maria Paula Marques
​University of Coimbra
IUG6 Muons  Lucy ClarkUniversity of Liverpool
Joseph Wright​University of East Anglia
IUG7 Engineering  Richard Moat
The Open University
Mahmoud Mostafavi
University of Bristol
IUG8 Small Angle Scattering  
Wuge Briscoe
University of Bristol
Steven Parnell
TU Delft
IUG9 Reflectometry  Richard Campbell
University of Manchester
Tom Arnold

ISIS Representatives

Roger EcclestonISIS Director​
Steve WakefieldISIS Head of Operations
Philip King
ISIS Spectroscopy and Support Division Head
Sean LangridgeISIS Diffraction Division Head​
Matt NorthISIS Instrumentation Division Head
Marek Jura
​​ISIS Experimental Operations Division Head
​Hannah Griffin​ISIS Computing Division Head
​Emma Gozzard​ISIS User Programme Manager
Contact: King, Philip (STFC,RAL,ISIS)