Expense Claims
07 May 2009



Expenses Claims MUST be submitted within 60 days of the expenditure.




​For Claimants from UK Academic Institutions

Travel and Subsistence Policy.pdf

UK Bank Account NEE Claim Form.docx 

ISIS will reimburse expenses for up to three UK users per experiment.  If more than three people are required on a single experiment, a case can be made to the ISIS User Programme Manager.

ISIS will support the length of stay at RAL that is required for an experiment together with sample preparation or data analysis time, or time required to use on-site characterisation facilities.  Where the length of stay is much beyond the experiment length, authorisation from the local facility contact is required.

On the form please include the reason for the claim and the experiment (RB) number, and remember to sign it.

Claims may be submitted either by email to ISISUO@stfc.ac.uk or posted to 

Facilities User Office
Building R75, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Harwell Campus, Didcot
Oxfordshire, OX11 0QX.  UK


ISIS will reimburse travel between your establishment and our Facility.  Please enclose receipts to cover air, train, bus or taxi costs.  Please note we will only reimburse economy travel costs.

If you used your own car, then you may claim a mileage allowance.  For further information on our policy and rates, please refer to the UKRI Travel and Subsistence Policy.  All passengers need to be named and full details of journeys must be given.  Mileage rates will be paid for travel between your home institution and ISIS and local mileage between ISIS and your accommodation.

​​​​​Please be aware that any travel taken to visit the local area will be at your own expense.

Transport to and from Heathrow and Gatwick airports can be arranged if required. If you require a taxi during your stay, please ensure this is arranged in advance via the user office.  The cut off for weekend taxi arrangements is 15:00 on a Friday

Users wishing to travel between Didcot Parkway Station and RAL are encouraged to use public transport in order to keep costs to a minimum. 

If you take a taxi from Didcot, you will need to pay for this yourself.  Most companies will accept card payment but it would be advisable to have enough cash to cover the fare which should be approx £20.

Where eligible, costs for bus and taxi fares can be claimed back by completing an expenses claim form which you can obtain from the User Office. Please ensure you get receipts for anything you wish to reclaim.  Please note that taxi costs will only be reimbursed where no bus service is available.

Please see the Directions to ISIS page for information on the buses to and from Didcot.

    Car Hire

    Prior approval must be obtained. Please contact the ISIS User ​Office by e-mail before your visit to get approval for the hire car.

    Once approval is given you are responsible for arranging the hire car - the ISIS User Office are no longer able to hire cars on your behalf.  You can later reclaim costs from ISIS.

    If your University arrange and pay for the hire car, ISIS will first need to see a copy of the supplier paperwork so that a Purchase Order Number for the correct amount can be raised.  This PO number will then need to be quoted on the Invoice that they submit.

    If you pay for the car yourself, you can reclaim the costs by completing the Expenses Claim Form​.

    Please note that we can only reimburse costs if you submit the claim of the invoice (which must include the PO number) within 3 months of the expenditure.


    Users eligible for meals, can have money loaded onto their visitor passes at the User Office.  These passes can then be used in the RAL restaurant, coffee lounge and vending machines.

    Users who arrive out of office hours and use the onsite facilities can claim back any costs via the User Office by submitting the Expenses Claim Form​ accompanied by the appropriate receipts.

    If the onsite facilities are closed on your first day of arrival, users may eat off-site and claim their expenses to the current value of the ISIS Meal Vouchers*, in this instance receipts must be provided.  Please note: meals taken off site at any other time during visit cannot be reimbursed.

    Meals taken during your journey to and from ISIS can be reimbursed up to the value stated on the UKRI Travel and Subsistence Policy.  Receipts for these meals should accompany your claim.

    For Claimants from Non-UK Institutions

    Non-UK Bank Account NEE Claim Form.docx

    Newton Funding for Indian and Chinese Researchers

    Funding may be available to researchers from these countries,  Further​ information can be found here.

    Italian CNR Funding

    Funding may be available to Italian users via CNR funding.​

    If you have successfully been awarded funding via this route, you may claim the following;

    • ​Cost of accommodation*
    • £21 per day to cover the cost of meals
    • Economy travel to and from the UK *
    • Public transport costs*
    • Hire care costs*

    Claims are to be submitted on the appropriate Expenses Claim Form and must not exceed £750.  All claims must be submitted within 60 days of completion of the experiment.


    * Proof of expenditure for these costs must accompany the claim.

    Contact: ISIS User Office