Use of AI for ISIS Facility access proposals
22 Feb 2024



Policy on the use of outputs from generative AI tools for proposal and experiment report creation




ISIS recognises that outputs from AI tools might be used in the creation process of proposals to access the facility or reports from facility experiments, and that there are benefits as well as cautions with regard to this usage. In addition to specific content, AI tools can also help with, for instance, grammar and spelling, or for those with dyslexia to create written material, as well as other aspects of proposal or report production.

ISIS therefore allows the use of outputs from AI tools in proposal and report creation.  However, where such outputs are used, this must be cited within the proposal or report as a footnote or in the references (e.g. noting the URL of the tool that has been used).

Proposal or report creators are reminded that outputs from AI tools can be misleading and can be derived from sources that would otherwise not be trusted. Outputs should always be treated with caution and should be challenged using your own judgement and knowledge. It is the responsibility of the author of the proposal or report to ensure that information contained within the proposal or report is correct, and that material is not copied directly from other sources without appropriate acknowledgement of those sources (this would be considered as plagiarism). This policy applies to the use of generative AI for the creation of text, graphics, figures, reference lists or any other aspects of proposals or reports submitted to ISIS.

​Please contact Philip Ki​ng​ with any queries.

Created 22 February 2024

Contact: King, Philip (STFC,RAL,ISIS)