14T Diffraction Magnet
22 Oct 2009



For many strongly correlated electron systems the greater the available field the wider the range of systems that can be studied.

​​​​14T Cryomagnet

In particular the exotic HT superconductors and heavy fermion superconductors (CeCoIn5) where magnetic fields can be used to suppress the superconductivity to reveal the underlying interactions, as well as the study of quadrupolarinduced superconductivity in PrOs4Sb12 which requires fields up to 14T or more. The state of the art for a split pair magnet is 15T, but by reducing the maximum field to 13.5T we have been able to increase the detector viewing angle from ±3° to ±7.5°. For a full table of parameters please see below.

Parameter: Value:
Field 13.5T at 4.2K
Cold Bore 20mm
Max Sample size 18mm (diameter)
Cold Split 20mm
Homogeneity <0.4% over A 10mm x 10mm cylinder
Persistance 0.01% per hour
Current 153 amps