A workshop on Self-driving Cars and Reliability
31 May 2018



This workshop will take place May 31st - June 1st 2018 at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell Campus.




Register your interest for the below workshop here, this event is STFC supported and ​there are no registration fees. For further details contact Paolo Rech​ or Chris Frost. ​

With the imminent introduction of self driving cars in the global market questions regarding the reliability of component and systems arise This short (2-day) workshop aim at putting together experts from academia, automotive vendors, and chip designers working from transistor-level to system and application-level reliability Our goal is to stimulate the discussion and create a network to evaluate the reliability issue and find novel solution to mitigate faults effects in automotive applications.

Speakers so far (full list at the bottom of page​)
  • Robert Baumann (Texas Instruments)
  • Sudhanva Gurumurthi (AMD)
  • Richard Bramley (NVIDIA)
  • Riccardo Mariani (Intel)
  • Chris Frost/Carlo Cazzaniga (ChipIr - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
  • Paolo Rech (Associate​​ Professor at  Fereral University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)​

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Topics Covered
  • Basic Mechanisms (neutron-silicon interaction, interferences, perturbation)
  • Standards and Measurements (ISO, FIT, beam and fault-injection, errors criticality)
  • Accelerators (GPU, FPGA, ....)
  • Applications (neural networks, image processing, decision making)
  • Components (power transistors, sensors)
  • Hardening Solutions (HW/SW replicas, checkpoint, detection, transistor hardening)

Also taking place

Tour of ChipIr at ISIS - ​there will be an opportunity to visit the new ChipIr neutron radiation facility at the ISIS Neutron and Muon source during the workshop.

Students forum - students have the chance to present their work and have feedback from experts in the reliability research field

Round table - a round table will be organized to discuss possible collaborations and how to avance the knowledge on reliability for self-driving cars.

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The local area
Out and about - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory is only a short travel time from the town of Abingdon and the historic university city of Oxford and within easy reach of some of Britain's major attractions.

Accommodation- we have arranged accommodation on a first come basis for the workshop at Ridgeway House which is on the Harwell Campus next to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory​. 

Getting here - instruction on getting the Laboratory and the ISIS Neutron and Muon facility can be found here.​



Speakers and talk titles​

Alex Hands​​
Surrey Space Centre
Single Event Effects in Ground Level Infrastructure
​Riccardo Mariani
​Autonomous Vehicles – Functional Safety and Beyond
​Sudhanva Gurumurthi
​Reliability-Aware Design – Principles and Implications for Automotive​
Dan Alexandrescu
IROC Technologies
Impact of Standards on Reliability Efforts: Collaborative Reliability Management and EDA Support
Richard BramleyNVIDIA
Functional Safety by Construction
Stratis KanarachoscoventryAutomated Vehicles: What, When and How
Giulio GambardellaXilinxLow-latency inference of Quantized Neural Networks on Xilinx SoC
Paolo RechUFRGSReliability evaluation of complex hardware and complex software
Christopher FrostSTFCChipIR facility

​​Boyang Du
Politecnico di Torino
​On the functional test of the GPGPU scheduler
Fernando FernandesUFRGSBuilding reliable Deep Neural Networks for automotive applications: Challenges and possibilities
Fabiano LibanoUFRGS
Reliability Analysis of Neural Networks in FPGAs
Caio LunardiUFRGSOn the Effects of Half-Precision Acceleration on GPU Reliability
Gabriel PiscoyaUFRGSWorkload Distribution in heterogeneous devices to improve efficiency and reliability of applications