Using the Research Complex at Harwell
23 Jun 2010



ISIS users from UK institutions can access Research Complex at Harwell facilities

Image of the research Complex at Harwell building
​​​​​​​Research Complex at Harwell

The Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH) is a new, multidisciplinary laboratory that provides facilities for researchers in both life and physical sciences and the interface between them. It is located on the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) site close to the DIAMOND synchrotron. RCaH facilities are especially targeted at researchers who will be conducting work at Diamond and ISIS, and other shared facilities on the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) site, both on a long and short-term basis.  UK researchers who have approved ISIS experiments are eligible to use RCaH facilities.

Facilities at RCaH presently include Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopes, NMR equipment, and a variety of general physics and chemistry equipment.  Further details can be found on the RCaH website.

How to apply for access to RCaH facilities

Researchers from UK institutions who have approved ISIS beamtime are eligible to use RCaH facilities. This may be for very short use, e.g. less than one day, to characterise samples for ISIS experiments, or could be for longer access if a programme of work is required.

Use of RCaH facilities can be requested on the ISIS beamtime proposal form. The ISIS User Office will automatically forward successful proposals that have requested RCaH access to RCaH staff. 

Please contact the ISIS User Office and your local host for further information, or if you wish to use RCaH but didn't specify this on your ISIS proposal.